Morning Docket: 07.20.17

* Buyer’s remorse: Trump says he wouldn’t have hired Jeff Sessions if he’d known Sessions would follow the law. [New York Times]

* Your grandma is now officially part of your close family according to the Supreme Court. [SCOTUSBlog]

* A fitting end to Trump’s “Made in America Week”? Star of “O.J.: Made In America” may get out today (or… get approval to get out in a couple months to be more accurate). [NBC News]

* White & Case slapped with record fine over conflict of interest. []

* Andy Pincus mouths off about CFPB arbitration rule: “quite an extraordinary moment to see this agency, notwithstanding the election, six months into the new administration, issue this very dramatic and far-reaching rule.” You mean the election where Trump got 3 million fewer votes? Yeah, the CFPB may be more plugged into the will of the electorate than you are. [National Law Journal]

* New York City has extended the right to counsel to tenants. Here’s one City Councilman’s statement on the measure. [City & State]

* Second Circuit backhands federal prosecutors over foreign compelled testimony. [Forbes]

* When GCs become propaganda mouthpieces… a look at what ISP GCs are saying about the need to repeal net neutrality rules. [Corporate Counsel]

* Things that are a problem: Revenge Porn. Things that aren’t a problem: Revenge Editing. Someone explain that to this college. [Chronicle of Higher Education]


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