Non-Sequiturs: 08.04.17

* Today in women’s rights, Ta-Ta Towels have arrived and, well, everything is okay now. [BoredPanda]

* I wonder what Kamala Harris, Deval Patrick, and Cory Booker have in common to get them so much hate from supposedly left-wing sources? Hmm… [Wonkette]

* Apparently six states control the partisan control of the House: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. And here I thought I only had to care about those places once every four years. [Election Law Blog]

* There are people, smart people, who are interested in Bitcoin news. Then there are people like me, who have fully dived into all the tables, all the studies, all the future’s predictions, and determined: “I’ll likely be dead before I’m forced to care about Bitcoin, phew.” [Going Concern]

* I, too, am taking my first real vacation since the election. But I’m only taking a week off, not 17 days like the president. I’ll make you a deal, I won’t come back if he doesn’t. [GQ]

* There’s a new study showing the environmental impact — the disastrous environmental impact — of American pet ownership. It’s sobering, and perfect fodder for a Breitbart twist job: “Kill a Puppy to Save the Planet. Study Warns That Pets Cause Global Warming.”

The convoluted, intellectually dishonest take actually gets to the heart of why intelligent people find the right’s resistance to climate change knowledge so perplexing. The Brietbart spin suggests: (a) climate change isn’t real, (b) if it is, then pets don’t contribute to it, (c) if they do, then the left wants the programmatic extinction of pets, (d) if they don’t, then they want you to personally kill your dog.

NOTHING about the spin is supported by even a casual reading of the study. But the bitch of it is, if you gave these Breitbart types the option of either instituting a federal gas tax, or killing the first-born puppies in all the land, they’d be the ones drafting the Moses legislation. [Breitbart]


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