Non-Sequiturs: 08.07.17

* The past and future of law reviews. Somehow whenever I think of the future of law reviews, I think of this. [The Faculty Lounge]

* Has anyone else noticed Trump’s lawyers sound a lot different all of a sudden? [Vanity Fair]

* Lisa Bloom’s got a lawsuit against Usher over supposedly giving women herpes. Frankly, that’s not the worst thing Usher’s unleashed on an unsuspecting populace. That’s what he has to answer for. [Jezebel]

* The marijuana crackdown may be coming soon. [Slate]

* This reads like a New York City government scandal, but then you read the details and it’s just… not. [New York Daily News]

* This guy really doesn’t like legal AI. [Legal Cheek]

* It’s been a few days, but here’s a recap of The Legal Geeks’ presentations at SDCC. [The Legal Geeks]


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